Lesson 11: How to make Dynamic Raised Panel Cabinet Door in Sketchup : Not easy at all

Dynamic size constraints of a flat square model are quite easy, but just a model with a chamfer or rounded edges is much harder. With the example of a neoclassical door with a beveled corner, the lesson will show the most optimal way to create a Dynamic Component Resize without changing the ratio.

Dynamic Raised Panel Cabinet Door Sketchup
Dynamic Raised Panel Cabinet Door Sketchup

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Lesson objectives

  • Create a Dynamic Beveled Object.
  • Proficient setting of Size and Position properties.
  • How to divide Models to Child Component

Steps to take

  • The most important is to determine how much a Dynamic Con model is divided. For this example, the wooden panel in the middle of the beveled corner requires up to 9 child objects. 4 corners ,4 edges and 1 center.
  • Create a beveled panel and put in the model of the Cabinet Door in the previous lesson in the direction of the Video


  • In this lesson, you also learn how to hide edges between border components and corner components. This is a trick to make beautiful models complete.