Lesson 12: Handling Crashes Dynamic Components Sketchup

Anyone who is familiar with Dynamic Components experiences the situation where the model is jumping, the wrong scale, even if you program it correctly. This is an extremely common error, especially when building highly complex custom models. I created a whole set of dynamic models for furniture production so I have detailed statistics on errors and causes.

Fix Dynamic Components Sketchup
Phát hiện và sửa lỗi Dynamic Components Sketchup

Scale Crashes Models

This error has many reasons, first you need to check your programming is correct, when you are sure it is correct, the cause may be as follows:

  • The inner child object does not get the correct parameters from the parent component.
  • The parent object is group, anyone using Abf plugin to CNC cut will see when forced to use group in rendering.
  • An error occurs when using the copies attribute.

The actual size wrong with setting:

This is the most common super error especially when you have little experience drawing dynamic components.

  • The first reason to think about is whether the inner child object is larger than the parent object.
  • The child object is hidden without you noticing, the size of the parent object will not display programmatically.
  • When you change the model’s coordinate axis, just any sub-model in the component will have its coordinate axis changed.
  • When you correct the face, the point of the sub-object is in the model and is deviated from the coordinate system. This error is tiring and difficult to detect.
  • The component takes the argument from another object you deleted before, but it still exists. This error occurs erratically if you copy back and forth between components.
  • Wrong when setting the input unit. For example, if you want the length but the option option is text, it will obviously be wrong, and this error is very common, if you don’t pay attention it will be difficult to find the error.

Sketchup reports error functions:

  • The first reason is the syntax of the function, which needs accurate syntax standard to each comma. If you often use exel you will also find that if the function is wrong, any character will give an error.
  • Naming components are not standard, with spaces or special characters, for example, if Vietnamese users have accents on the component name, then everything will be wrong.

Empty Component Option and Attribute:

  • The reason is that the software cannot read the Component data.
  • When you use special characters in functions
  • Wrong Function syntax.

How to check for errors:

  • Check the coordinate axes of each child and parent component.
  • Check name of parent component.
  • Test the functions.
  • Copy over the new file to try again and find errors.
  • Use the Purge Unused feature to remove hidden objects.
  • Unit test in the options table during setup. the unit of input, the unit of the object.
  • Go to Menu-View-Hidden Geometry to show hidden objects, see if their size and position are correct.
  • Regularly monitor the Window tray Outline to see children and copy objects spontaneously.
  • Right-click models, Dynamic Component -> Redraw for the model to recalculate after you’ve fixed the error.

Dynamic modelsing tricks

  • Naming the component, especially the name in the dynamic component table needs to be standard, no spaces, no special character. Safe first. The following tips will help you to be independent of this naming scheme.
  • Use the Parent function! instead of the name of the component, this way will help you not depend on the name of the component, you can rename the parent component freely, you can copy the child component to another parent component and automatically get the parameter back from the new parent component.
  • Minimize using the name of the component in the function, use Parent! and pass parameters of child components to their parent so they can continue using Parent! to get parameters for other parent components.
  • Limited object hiding, especially objects containing many meshes because the models will be very heavy.
  • Always pay attention to the coordinate axis when creating an object.
  • Limit the use of Groups in the Dynamic Components rendering process.
  • If using Group needs to make it unique. (this requires a plugin that sketchup doesn’t have by default).

With Dynamic Component there is no other way but you have to practice regularly to recognize errors and customer service. The lesson has listed possible errors. In the next sections 3dshouse will add tools to automatically correct less visible errors and automatically standardize the model.