Lesson 05: How to make Dynamic Resizable Rotatable Doors in Sketchup

Doors are used a lot in interior architecture design, creating Dynamic doors to help design very quickly, quickly change the size, open the door, and punch into the available wall. This lesson will help you create a door with more advanced features.

Dynamic Resizable Rotatable Door With Handle
Dynamic Resizable Rotatable Door With Handle

Video Lesson:

Download Example Models:


Lesson objectives:

  • Create the go of Dynamic Sketchup
  • The door is open.
  • The door changes quickly to size.
  • Perforated doors available to the wall
  • Replaced the door model, the handle pattern.

Steps to take.

  • Create dynamic window frames
  • Create Dynamic Door
  • Create Component Parent Include frame and door.
  • Put the handle in.


  • Handles usually do not have a standard size should be inserted later to avoid affecting the overall size and can be easily replaced.