Lesson 01 : Is Sketchup Dynamic Components really effective?

Dynamic Components is a very powerful and easy to use feature in Sketchup Pro version but little is known. This article begins the Sketchup Dynamic Component Course, which provides the first basic knowledge of Dynamic Components and the powerful application of this feature in design.

What is Sketchup Dynamic Components

Sketchup Dynamic Components is an update that adds highly customizable features to a regular Component. Sketchup Dynamic Components helps create highly customizable models, instead of repeating an operation, preset the necessary features. Creating good Sketchup Dynamic Components takes a lot of time, but when done, it helps to render very quickly. The simplest understanding is that 1 Dynamic Model will replace dozens of regular Models.

Is Sketchup Dynamic Components really effective?

You can watch the video below, with 8 Dynamic models that can create countless modern kitchen cabinet designs, kitchen cabinets take exactly 20 minutes instead of the usual few days.

Features commonly used for Sketchup Components

  • The ability to scale without losing the scale of detail, this is the most outstanding feature, by linking the size of the details together, when this part is resized, the other details change. All Dynamic models use this feature.
  • Mobility: For example, with a clickable door, the rotating door opens, the drawer slides out, etc. This feature is useful when drawing interior doors. Click on open the door, not fix each door.
  • Quick set up material: Create material and just select is done. There is no need to edit each model.
  • Create many different designs from only 1 Models, very convenient when drawing.

Sketchup version for Dynamic Components

  • Sketchup Free: Opens the Components Option, uses the Scale feature and other pre-set features, Can not open the Components Attribute, Can not create Dynamic Components.
  • Sketchup online web: Completely takes the settings of Dynamic Models.
  • Sketchup Pro: Create, edit and fully use Dynamic Components features.

Sketchup Dynamic Components Tool

  • Interac t: Interact with the Component, for example click on the door that opens.
  • The Components Attribute to set the feature.
  • The Components Option to change the parameters, exported from the Component Attribute

To Open Sketchup Dynamic Components tools:

  • Method 1: Go to Views-> Toolbar-> Dynamic Components to display the Dynamic Component Toolbar with 3 tools.
  • Method 2: Click on Component, you’ll see Components -> Components Option and -> Components Attribute
Sketchup Menu View Toolbar
Sketchup Menu View Toolbar
Sketchup Menu View Toolbar Dynamic Sketchup Component
Sketchup Menu View Toolbar Dynamic Sketchup Component

Testing the completed Dynamic Component:

    • Open the Component Option Window to check and enter the parameters.
    • Use the Scale command to check the Dimention of the components
    • Use the Interact Buttonand click Component if you have set the Animate property.