3dshouse dynamic interior CNC Guide

The dynamic 3dshouse plugin includes a dynamic library and tools for you to quickly design interiors and export cutting boards with the Abf plugin. The process of designing and exporting the cnc cutting file includes the following steps.

Step 1: Design dynamic interior

  • You choose the models plugin to automatically download the model, turn on the component options panelto edit the parameters.
  • The dynamic models are similar to models usually sketchup, you can delete, draw more.

Step 2: Complete the design.

  • Export to nesting tools  in 3dshouse plugin will help you to process files before nesting with Abf plugin with just one click.
  • Now that the file is no longer dynamic, you can edit it manually and work with the abf plugin.


  • With the wine shelf slanted 45 degrees, it is necessary to use a Face to Groups tool after exporting to nesting before the plate can be exported.
  • When encountering a size jump error, use the Fix Scale Tools tool  (encountered when copying an object, also rarely).