Lesson 04: Sketchup how to make resizable rotable Dynamic Cabinet Doors

Resizable and Rotable are two of the most impressive and used features of Sketchup Dynamic. This lesson will help you make a framed and rotating cabinet door.

Dynamic Resizable Rotable Cabinet Door
Dynamic Resizable Rotable Cabinet Door

Video Lesson:

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Lesson objectives

  • Master the size constraint between objects. This is the first skill to master because it is the most used. Resizable object.
  • Set the Attribute Onclick with the Animate Function with the RotZ parameter. So you can understand Onlick Attribute can be done with many different functions and with Animate function that can control motion with many different parameters.
  • With this lesson set up Onlick: Animate (“RotZ”, 45,90,135,0)


  • With this object at the outermost of the parent object, Flip Along should be the outermost coordinate axis, at that time, less effort to set Position. The more you set up, the more tangled this trick will help the Component Attribute Table to be neat with few parameters.
  • With Animate function can be changed by Animateslow to move slower, Animatefast for faster.
  • Animate (RotZ, 45,90,135,0) parameters “45,90,135” are rotation angle, “0” is returning to the beginning. Always remember that these numbers are always positive numbers, if the numbers are negative, it cannot be rotated.