Dynamic Sketchup Modeling Service

3dshouse provides Dynamic Sketchup model programming service for you who need to make your own Dynamic Sketchup model in accordance with your design standards. 3dshouse already operates the world’s largest Dynamic Sketchup library, and is a pioneer in Dynamic Sketchup modeling. In case the 3dshouse dynamic library does not match your company’s design standards, 3dshouse provides a separate programming service for Dynamic models in accordance with your company’s structure and standards..

What is the finished product?

After receiving the request and rendering the dynamic models, 3dshouse, the finished product is sketchup files with dynamic parameter customization.

There are 3 ways for your company to use the model:

  • Upload the model to 3dshouse so that your company can use the model at the same time as other 3dshouse models.
  • Create your own sketchup plugin for your company.

3dshouse does not send sketchup files to your company for technical reasons, good programming models need to use more Ruby programming code, need to run with 3dshouse plugin or a plugin specifically for your company. At the same time, the online storage model so that 3dshouse can edit and upgrade continuously for your company without having to send it back and forth too many times.

Dynamic model programming video used with its own plugin:

Model video using 3dshouse plugin


  • Requirements and goals from customers.
  • Calculation for Workload
  • Quotation and completion time.
  • Send products to try and give feedback.
  • Acceptance and finish of contract.

Suitable Industry fields

  • Design and manufacture of furniture
  • Architectural, structural, electromechanical design
  • Building materials.


  • Make your own plugin like in the video 500-1500 USD depending on functional requirements.
  • Each Dynamic model: 20-40 USD depending on quantity and requirements.