Lesson 06: Sketchup make a Dynamic Component Copies: Simple Fence Example

Create a Dynamic Component object with the Copies Attribute that automatically copies the object, this attribute is often used when drawing Handrails, Fences, Multi-trays shelves, tiling … This is one of the most powerful features of Sketchup Dynamic that makes Models highly customizable.

Sketchup Dynamic Component Copies Fence Example
Sketchup Dynamic Component Copies Fence Example

Video Lesson

Downloan Example Models:


Lesson objectives:

  • Proficient in the Copies Attribute
  • Draw a fence when resized, the objects automatically copy.


  • The Copies Attribut is the number of components multiplied.
  • Copies Attribute value> 0, the object has been copied but you can not see because the location of all objects overlap. Therefore, it is necessary to set the location of the remaining copy objects.
  • Positioning function for Copies object: For example, if you want the objects to run in the X direction, then X = (first object value) + copy * (Distance). Similar to the remaining dimensions if desired.