Sketchup Extension Programing Service

3dshouse is the professional company that provides Developer services for Sketchup plugin, 3dshouse’s customers are companies providing materials, equipment, design  and construction company  in the interior.

What reason of Digital transformation to 3D for sketchup?

Sketchup is popular 3d software in the furniture and construction.The search of popular 3d software below show that the number of users searching for the keyword Sketchup is still the most. Sketchup is simple and very easy to use, many designers choose. Also Sketchup can be installed unlimited  for extensions with specific functions. The number of Sketchup extensions is also the most compared to other 3d software.

Benefits of the Sketchup plugin for companys

For companys provide materials and equipment in the furniture.

  • Digital transformation to 3D for product.
  • Help users and designers to easily access products widely.
For interior design and construction companys,
  • Systematize 3D data.
  • Standardize the drawing system.
  • Increase productivity many times over.

Programing services to Modeling 3D Digital transformation for Sketchup plugin

This is a popular plugin for modeling and managing construction products, designers can quickly choose the right product code, put it into the design as well as product statistics to order for the company. provided. Thus, the company’s products are easily accessible to customers through designers. Designers also conveniently use product models without having to redraw from scratch.

Main feature:

  • Search and filter 3d products.
  • Create accurate 3d models containing product specifications.
  • Product parameters change and show directly on the 3d model. 
  • Statistics and order list.
  • Save online is easy to add, delete, edit products
  • Other features required by customers.

Demo plugin for 3D product modeling.

Developer services to convert BIM  for Sketchup plugin

In addition, 3dshouse  writing Sketchup extensions according to the specific requirements of each business. Edit and upgrade available extensions.


  • Requirements and goals from customers.
  • Calculation for Workload
  • Quotation and completion time.
  • Send products to try and give feedback.
  • Acceptance and finish of contract.