Convert image to sketchup faces with one click

Convert image to face is a Pro feature in the 3dshouse sketchup plugin that quickly converts images into sketchup faces. When buying this product, you can both use it in sketchup and use it exclusively to export through vector formats such as SVG, PDF, DXF

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  • Auto convert image to sketchup faces
  • Auto add material
  • Editable line and colors


image to faces materials sketchup
image to faces sketchup
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convert image to vector


Convert any image to vector

Main Feature:

  • Convert images to vector format (SVG,PDF). With this format you can import into graphic software such as Corel, Adobe Illustrator etc... or any other software that supports SVG, PDF
  • Convert photos to cad format (DXF). With this format you can import into CAD, CAM software both 2d and 3d for example Autocad, 3dsmax, Sketchup etc... or any other software that supports DXF
  • Change colors, lines
  • Use Online on website or directly in Sketchup (3d software).
  • Unlimited number of images.

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