Free 3dshouse Dynamic Sketchup plugin includes hundreds of dynamic models sketchup with tools to help design extremely fast and accurate with the furniture production process. The models include furniture parts such as doors, drawers, shelves etc … with extreme customization that makes most of your interior design ideas realize with high speed and accuracy.

You need to register an account to login to the plugin after downloading and installing.

A password will be sent to your email address.

Download All Dynamic Models Preview

How to install?

  • Enter your email and click the Register button. Open your Email to receive the password automatically. If you do not see the email, wait 5 minutes or check in Spam. Email and password are used to login after installing the plugin.
  • Click the Download button to download the installation file.

  • Unzip the file on last download. You will have 3dshouse_dynamic.rbz file.
  • Sketchup–> Window –>Extension Manager. Install downloaded file 3dshouse_dynamic.rbz 
install 3dshoue dynamic plugin

Step3: Open 3dshouse_dynamic plugin and login

Login 3dshouse dynamic plugin

Check your email to get password. If you do not receive email, please check Spam Email.

account password email 3dshoue dynamic
Check yout email to get Password

Complete install 3dshouse plugin.

finish install 3dshoue dynamic plugin
Finish install 3dshoue dynamic plugin

Plugin idea

Plugin collection includes a lot of Dynamic Components models, these models are the structural components of furniture such as cabinet frames, shelves, doors, drawers etc …. So when designing you just need to install Put the ingredients together exactly and according to your ideas. 3dshouse can design a whole wardrobe or kitchen cabinet, but that way, you will find it difficult to follow your ideas properly. By assembling each component you can design it according to your ideas.


  • Intuitive super fast drawing speed for customers.
  • Exact model does not need detailed implementation by autocad
  • Save time and design personnel, drawing personnel.
  • Highly customizable parameters meet most design needs.
  • High accuracy structure.

Frequently asked questions:

Plugin Requirements?

Sketchup 2018 or later version works fine with the plugin.

The plugin needs to have an internet connection to work. The plugin connects to the 3dshouse website to get data and information.

How many computers does an account use?

Each account is used on many different computers, each account is only for 1 user and you can use it on any of your computers. In case the same account has 2 people logged in at the same time, the plugin will only work with the last visit.

How do I download the updated models?

The plugin automatically updates new models as well as modified models. So when you use the plugin, the models displayed are the latest models. In short, updating the models feature is completely automatic.

Can use models have a working without plugin?

Models are programmed with functions associated with the plugin, so when you share files online or copy them to another computer without the plugin installed, the models do not function properly.

Did you modify the dynamic models like regular models?

You fully edit the drawing as usual models. In addition the plugin also has a tool to automatically delete dynamic data of the current file.

I want to change the design to suit my workshop?

  • Currently the models are highly customized, show panels, high ability to change the design, undergo many modifications from the workshop requirements so they have met most of the design.
  • However, you can request to change the way of joining boards, structures or add additional samples to suit your workshop. 3dshouse will be based on the actual needs of many workshops, if the new design meets the general requirements, it will be edited and supplemented.
  • Everyday, the 3dshouse team is continuously editing and adding new models, with the goal of the longer the user will not need to draw anything more.

Does the plugin support rendering Vray and Enscape?

Yes. The plugin has pre-installed Vray materials and Enscape materials. The plugin only interferes with the pre-setting material and doesn’t interfere with the lighting settings and environment of Vray and Enscape.

How does CNC furniture plugin support CNC?

  • The 3shouse plugin is a dynamic models library with no nesting feature, the plugin assists you when you use the ABF plugin.
    The models use groups that are compatible with the Abf plugin.
  • Additional models for you to export CNC cutting lines with Abf, For example Raised Panel door, you can easily adjust the size of the lines cutting.
  • Team 3dshouse and Abf are independent and unconnected. 3dshouse focuses on the design, creating a library of models detailing each structure. Abf deals with labeling, nesting, bonding, edge gluing etc.