Lesson 08: How to change Material in Setchup Dynamic (Select From List and Onclick Attribute)

The Select From List is a lot used when you want to have lots of options. This lesson will serve as an example for selecting a kitchen material. You will learn both the material usage and the Select From List feature. Also learn how to change materials when clicking (Interact Dynamic Component)

Select From List Dynamic Sketchup Option
Select From List Dynamic Sketchup Option

Video Preview:

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Lesson objectives:

  • How to use Material in Sketchup Dynamic
  • How to create the Select From List option
  • How to use Attribute: Hidden
  • How to Change Material with Onclick  Attribute

Steps to Dynamic Material Change:

  • Step 1: Create materials, apply on a component with full materials, this component will be hidden and located in the parent Component.
  • Step 2 Create Component to apply material
  • Step 3: Create the Parent Component including the Main Component and the Material component.
  • Step 4: Hide the Component Material.
  • Step 5: Set the Material properties for the parent Component with the Select From List option


  • If the Material Component is not in the parent Component, it will not be created.
  • Material names should be simple, immediately written with dashes (-) so that the software understands the names of materials