How to change, reset Axis in Sketchup

SketchUp has the appearance of The Axes.
The Axes make it easier for users to manipulate points by interpolating points, lines and objects.

In this topic, 3dshouse would like to show you “How to change, reset Axis in Sketchup”.


  • You can you can show or hide the Axes tool by choosing Tools – Axes.
  • To move the Axes, right- click an empty area on an axis and choose “Move”
  • In the Move Sketching Context dialog box, type the distance you want to move and rotate each axis. This coordinate system is created by red line, green line, blue line it is similar Cartesian coordinate system X, Y, Z.
  • To relocate the Axes, right-click on origin point, choose “Place”.
    Next, click at the bottom corner of an object in your model that you want to set as the axes origin point.
    A dotted red and green axis extends from your mouse cursor.
  • You can also hide the axis by right-click and without using the toolbar.
    Right-click, choose “Align View” to aligning the drawing axes with the cardinal directions.
  • You can see local coordinate system of component or group.
    To unhide local coordinate system, go to Window – Model Infor – Show component axes
move the Axes
Place axes
  • Changing Component Axes: Right click – Change axes for component, click at your point you want.
    If you want to reset the axes component, explode and recreate component.
    Click “Set Component Axes”, choose the axes point, then click “Create”
change Axes of component
  • For changing Group axis: Double click to open Group and right- click at local coordinate system.
    Then choose “Place”, click at your point you want. A dotted red and green axis extends from your mouse cursor.
    You can move, place, rotating this axes
    If you want to return default axes of group, explode and recreate group.
Place axes of group