Cách xóa lines giữa và mặt phẳng trùngSketchup (Clear Unused Edges Tool)

The lines between the plane and the overlapping planes weigh on the sketchup files. In many cases, you need to delete it, but it takes time to do it manually.

Clear Unused Edges Tool
Clear Unused Edges Tool: Automatically delete excess lines lying in the middle of the same plane.

In the picture is an example when you need to export to Abf, you need to process the lines in the middle of the shelf.

How to Use:

Method 1: Handle the selected object

  • Select the object to be processed as Component or Group
  • Note that this object does not contain components or groups inside it.
  • Click icons

Method 2: Process the whole file

  • Click icons plugin will automatically search and delete unused lines.