How to use Purge Unused Sketchup (Purge Unused Tools)

The Purge Unused tool is used to delete unused objects that are preloaded into the sketchup file. The way sketchup works will usually preload, or center, the object in the file, even if the object has been deleted. This tool is completely safe to use without losing any data of the sketchup file. Below will explain how it works

Purge Unused Tool
Components still exist in the Window Tray even though deleted

Processing object:

  • Components – Groups not in use.
  • Materials not used.
  • Style not used.
  • Layer not in use

Why does unused object appear:

  • This often happens when you import or copy external library models into sketchup files.
  • When you delete the object, all properties associated with the object such as definition (components-groups), layers, materials, and style remain by default sketchup.

Handling Components – Groups

  • No Processing: Hidden Components or Groups
  • Handler: Component has been removed but still exists in Window -> Trays -> Component
  • Treatment: Groups have been deleted but the data is still saved in sektchup files, Groups attribute data is not seen in the sketchup interface, but the deleted groups data is still saved.

Material handling:

  • Materials are not used in the model, usually the material will include a texture image, which makes the file size quite heavy.

Processing Layers:

  • Empty layers have no objects attached.

Handling Style:

  • Drawing process, if you choose to add another style, sketchup will continue to save the styles you have added.
  • Keep only the style you are using in the sketchup file.

How to use:

  • Click icons to automatic remove all unused Objects.