Download and setting Cleanup Sketchup Plugin

The latest Cleanup Plugin is V3.4.3, the main feature of Cleanup Plugin is to clean the sketchup file by deleting hidden or unused objects. The plugin is easy to use, you install the plugin as usual, set it up once, and next time use it with just one click.

General information:

  • Latest version: V3.4.3
  • Author: thomthom
  • Requires Sketchup 7.1 or newer.

Main feature:

  • Delete hidden objects contained in the file
  • Delete unused objects: Components, Materials, Layers, Styles
  • Delete extra edges located on the same plane.

When to use the Cleanup Plugin:

  • When you use Dynamic Sketchup models that need a lot of customization and have many hidden objects, when you finish drawing you need to use Cleanup to clean the file.
  • When you use game of nesting plugins like ABF or Opencutlist, before making statistics, you need to clean up before making statistics so that many redundant objects will not appear.


You just need to set up as shown below to delete unnecessary objects.

Cleanup Sketchup Plugin
Cleanup Sketchup Plugin