(Solved) Missing Component Option Panel Sketchup

When using Dnyamic Sketchup sometimes you cannot open the Component parameter panel or empty panel. Now try the following ways to find the cause and reopen the Component Option panel with parameter.

In Case Missing Component Option Panel

Enable Dynamic Component Extenstion

The most common case is that you have accidentally Disabled (disables the Dynamic Component Extension). This is the default Sketchup plugin available in Sketchup Pro.

Window->Extension Manager->Enable Dynamic Component Extension

Reinstall the Dynamic Component plugin

If you check the Extension Manager and don’t see the Dynamic Component plugin, you need to download and install it again.

Component Option Panel is minimized

This error sometimes occurs, you just need to check the bottom left corner to see if the window is minimized to reopen it. Or if you turn off sketchup and reopen it, it will also display the Component Option panel again.

In case the Component Option table is empty

  • This error is very common and just restarting Sketchup will fix this error
  • In addition, you need to pay attention to select the Component object that is programmed with Dynamic, then the new parameters will appear.