How to save Model Parameters Dynamic Sketchup

The  default parameter of model in 3dhouse dynamic plugin help you set up the first parameter of model  without having to repeat the editing  when loading a new modeL. Example When you design 1 cabinet doors with  18mm thickness  plate wood which the first model is 17mm thickness (similar for other parameter).Therefore, every time you design, you need to fix this default parameter, which is very time consuming. Instead you can edit all the default parameters to suit your needs and then click the Save model parameters button so that the next time you take out the model, the default parameters are available as desired.

The parameter which you can edit (except width and height of componnent) :

  • Thickness
  • Gap between, gap left, gap right
  • Frame width
  • Mullions width…
Save model option dynamic sketchup

If you want  turn back to the original version of the model then select the model and click the Reset Default tool