How to draw base kitchen full options in 10 minutes as Fast & Furious 9

Drawing kitchen cabinets in Setchup is not difficult, but to draw the right technique, full accessories you spend a lot of time, in 3dhouse plugin you just need to do drag and drop and use basic sketchup commands, you can complete full  options kitchen cabinets super fast in 10 minutes.

Components used include:

  • Base kitchen
  • Stand cabinet (top cabinet kitchen)
  • Rotating doors
  • Drawer
  • Lifting Cabinet Doors Flat
  • Countertop Cooktop
  • Countertop Sink
  • Countertop Flat
  • Fix Slim Racks
  • Board flats
All component dynamic sketchup

Design process:

  •  Select base kitchen, edit component for your demand
  •  It’s faster to copy the component than to select it again
  •  Hide panels right for base cabinet to not duplicate board
  •  Select base cabinet intop, edit component for your demand
  • Select base cabinet intop, edit component for your demand
  • Move components to attachment
  • Scale components for your dimension
  •  To be continue, select door for top cabinets with lifting doors
  • Copy, edit, scale for your dimension
  •  Select flat boards for top cabinets
  •  When tick box of scale not display, click K key on keyboard to unhide tick box
  • Similar flat boards
  •  Select rotating doors for top cabinets
  •  Edit, move, scale rotating doors for your dimension
  •  Select rotating doors for base kitchens
  • Copy, edit, scale for your dimesions
  •  Select drawers for base kitchen
  • Edit number door, number drawers
  •  Edit number door, number drawers
  •  Select counter cooktop in appllances tab
  • Select counter top flat
  • Select counter top sink
  •  Select flat boards for base cabinets
  •  Select open doors, drawers
  •  Select fix slim racks in hardwares tab
Base kitchen full options