100+ Free Cabinet Knobs and Handles Sketchup auto replace

The handle of the Sketchup Models cabinet has built-in coordinates for easy use. A special feature of these models is that you can quickly replace a series of door handles. All models are free and reside in the 3dshouse dynamic plugin. You need to install 3dshouse plugin to use it.

The cabinet door in the 3dshouse plugin already has a handle. This cabinet handle library is intended for a faster cabinet handle replacement. For example, after you use the cabinet doors and drawers for interior design. You need to replace all the doors with a different kind of handle. Now you just need to select all the cabinet doors and drawers. Select the handle type, the plugin will automatically search and replace all the doorknobs. Also you can use it independently if desired.

How to change the cabinet handle at the same time many doors

  • Load doors to test handle replacement.
  • The handles can be replaced for drawers.
  • Select the doors to replace the handles.
  • Clicking Replace will replace the handles of the selected doors.

The cabinet doors are in the new 3dshouse plugin with handles. Because the doors in the plugin have been set up to synchronize the cabinet handles. The door still retains the dynamic feature after changing the handles. You can still adjust the new cabinet handle position.

How to change whether the cabinet handle

The doors are available with handles and materials. There are 2 ways to change materials.

Option 1: Fix existing material of cabinet handle.

  • Open the materials panel.
  • Use the Material suction tool of the cabinet handle.
  • Repairing materials.
  • This way fixes all materials for all handles.

Option 2: Pour other materials for the cabinet handle.

  • Load the material into the model.
  • Click on the model until the cabinet handle is selected.
  • Select the material and pour it into the cabinet handle.
  • This only replaces the material of the currently selected handle.