Wine rack sketchup auto calculates size of cellar supper fast

Sketchup wine racks model automatically calculates the size of each cell to help you create a wine shelf very quickly. Especially with 45 degree cross-section wine racks, hand painted for a long time. Wine racks often use yin and yang wood joint. Fast and economical assembly without screws and positioning.

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Model parameters:

  • Model height, width and depth.
  • Thickness and number of panels.
  • Hides the border frames.
  • The gap between the front and backpanels makes assembly easy, especially if you use CNC cutter, this gap is required because the drill makes a circular cut at the corner, leaving space for mounting.

In the model you will see panels with seams. The reason panels are made up of many Components for Dynamic programming. Using the Clean Dynamic tool will automatically solder the coupling plates. You can now manually edit or nesting with the Abf plugin.

Drawing manual this models take long time. Especially with new projects you have to redraw. In the past, when drawing 45 degree cross-section wine racks with Autocad it was often difficult to be accurate and time consuming because the panels were of different sizes. Dynamic Sketchup is the fastest solution and is in widespread use.