Top 12 modeling extensions Sketchup super fast

If you want to improve your qualifications, to work faster to save time when using Sketchup. You have to master the basic tools as well as the plugins.
In this topic, 3dhouse are glad to share with you “12 coolest plugins for Sketchup”

1. 3dshouse_dynamic Plugin:

The free 3house Dynamic Sketchup plugin includes hundreds of dynamic Sketchup model and tool set for allows fast and precise woodwork design.

The model library includes furniture parts and details such as doors, drawers, racks … with high flexibility which allows you to customize quickly and precisely to fit with your design.

All the models are stored on cloud to be frequently upgraded, so you can always access the library via the Internet.

  • Dynamic bed library
    • Newest bed models collection
    • Can be customized as needed
    • Easy to adjust and change

    3dhouse dynamic plugin – Bed Fied

Dynamic door library

  • Newest door models collection
  • Can be customized as needed
  • Easy to adjust and change3dhouse dynamic plugin – Cabinet doorDynamic Makeup Cabinet library
    • Newest vanity models collection
    • Can be customized as needed
    • Easy to adjust and change

    3dhouse dynamic plugin – Makeup carcass

Dynamic cabinet library

  • Newest cabinet models collection: L-shaped, etc.
  • Can be customized as needed
  • Easy to adjust and change

    3dhouse dynamic plugin – Cabinet

… And there are many models, available library templates that are always updated and changed.
You can visit the link to watch more videos about how to install here.

2. 1001 bit pro plugin

As the name suggests, this plugin is quite simple to use but has a very “pro” effect. If before, Sketchup’s basic tools were limited to snapping, aligning, zooming in and out of coordinates… then 100 bit pro was born to help you do that.

Some outstanding features of 1001 bit pro:

  • Aligns 2 matching objects. (Align command wall in AutoCaD)
  • Push block according to the object’s projection onto another object
  • Create a spiral plane
  • Round / chamfer the corners of 2 straight lines according to the desired parameters.
  • Advanced offset: offset by edge
  • Create a line that cuts across the object without having to use another plane to cross it to create an intersection.
  • Draw a spiral.
  • Enlarge, reduce objects according to the origin; X-Y-Z . axis
  • Advanced Array: line, column-row,
  • Both rotate and copy advanced: the axis of rotation can be a straight line or a circle, a spiral, a contour of any shape.
  • Build a 1-layer or 2-layer wall faster than the Push/Pull tool
  • Create multiple slots at the same time……
    1001bit pro Create grooves on faces
    1001bit pro Create columns
    1001bit pro Create window frame

    1001bit pro Create staircase

3. Floor generator plugin

This plugin helps users to create any material surface suitable for common materials such as wood, ceramic tile, fired brick… The advantage of this extension helps you create beautiful display material maps and clearer than bum map or normal map in Sketchup.

  • You just need to choose the type of material and the shape of the material you want to map
  • The shapes can be square, rectangular, symmetrical, herringbone, hexagonal, diamond…
  • In addition, you can customize the profile of the tile and wood tiling according to your preferences

    floor generator setting

4. Round corner plugin

Sketchup users will no longer have to worry about creating bo edges in the group, the bo edges are the intersection of 2 planes with the Round corner plugin. It saves a lot of time for chamfering than doing it manually in sketchup.

Edge modes shown as shown in the figure include:

  • Bound the edge with the intersection is a circular arc
  • Bound edge with intersection is angle
  • Chamfered
  • In addition, this extension also supports curved edges

Round corner Types

Round corner sharp corner

5. Curviloft Plugin :
This plugin helps sketchup users to create planes drawn by any curves.

  • Create any face extrude by curves
  • Follow me’s more advanced option with multiple profiles simultaneously
  • Create any planes by closed plines

Curviloft spline

Curviloft along path
Curviloft skin contours

6. Vertex tool Plugin :

This paid plugin makes it possible for users to drag and reposition the mesh in the object in different ways (scale, rotate, move by linear or nolinear).

The Vertex tool is useful for objects created by curves or nonlinear surfaces; objects with very complex shapes such as defects or distorted objects; or objects that cannot be visualized with basic sketchup commands.

Vertex plugin- move by linear

7. Mirror selection Plugin
Có thể nói, Mirror selection này là công cụ bổ sung tuyệt vời khi mà trong Sketchup không có lệnh đối xứng ( thay vì bạn copy và flip along) bạn chỉ cần thực hiện 1 thao tác là xong. Plugin này dùng được cho mọi đối tượng trong sketchup ( đường , mặt , group, component…)

Mirror extension

8. Fredo scale Plugin
It can be said, this Mirror selection is a great additional tool when in Sketchup there is no symmetry command (instead of you copy and flip along) you just need to do one operation and you’re done.

This plugin has many options, but “Stretching” mode is still the most used because it is very useful for existing furniture models that do not fit the required size, you can change the size without changing the size. change the scale of other components.

Fredo scale

9.Make face Plugin

Creating planes will become faster than ever, especially when you import from AutoCAD through Sketchup, “patching” the strokes to create a plane takes a lot of time.

Thanks to the Make face Plugin, you only need to scan the area to be soldered and we have planes created very quickly without drawing any more strokes.

Make face extesion

10. Solar North plugin:
This is a plugin to change the direction of shadows in SketchUp. If you have used the default tool available in Sketchup -Show / Hide shadow to change the angle of the shadow, you will know the limitations of this tool when the angle of the Sun is fixed.

Now, with the Solar North plugin, you can easily rotate the North direction of the file you are working on without having to rotate the whole model.

Solar North

11. Window builder Plugin

This plugin helps you create door types quickly without downloading and editing online libraries. Your job is to choose the type of door, and customize its parameters.

There are many types of typical doors in architecture. The parameters of the width, height, and thickness of the door frame are linked together.

Window builder plugin

12. SubD Plugin

SubD helps you to smooth mesh surfaces, divide object mesh surfaces automatically, create folds in subdivided mesh to refine shapes and automatically corner objects.
This plugin combines with quardface plugin and vertex plugin to form a powerful toolkit when blending objects in sketchup.

SubD – Subdivide to Smooth the Mesh