Super fast CNC production of kitchen furniture only 10 minutes in dynamic Sketchup

Unbelievable, super fast CNC production of kitchen furniture only 10 minutes in dynamic Sketchup. By using drag and drop in dynamic Sketchup, you can export your kitchen CNC interior drawing in just 10 minutes

All components include:

  • Base kitchen
  • Stand cabinet (top cabinet kitchen)
  • Rotating doors
  • Drawer
  • Lifting Cabinet Doors Flat
  • Countertop Cooktop
  • Countertop Sink
  • Countertop Flat
  • Fix Slim Racks
  • Board flats
  • Hexagon wall
All components CNC kitchen dynamic

Design process:

  • Select base kitchen legs
  • Edit component for your demand, hide panels right
  • Copy component is faster than select in tab plugin
  • Edit, move component for attach
  • Select top cabinets
  • Edit component for your demands
  • Select rotating doors for base kitchen
  • Copy, scale rotating doors for others cabinet
  • Hide left panels , right panels
  • Select drawer for base kitchen
  • K (Shorcut in keyboard to hide – unhide tick box of scale)
  • Select board shelves for top cabinets
  • Select flat boards for top cabinets
  • Select lifting doors for top cabinets
  • Hide panels left – right for sink cabinet
  • Select countertop sink
  • Select hexagon tile for kitchen
  • Select material
  • Open doors, drawers
  • Hide back wall , hide hexagon tile kitchen, select all models click clean dynamic button
  • Using ABF plugin to export CNC drawing
CNC kitchen dynamic sketchup full option