30 Laser and CNC cutting panels Sketchup models can be customized in size

The Dynamic Sketchup decorative cutting models are not ordinary Sketchup Model. These models can customize the size without change of the detail size. These models can cut with Laser cutter or CNC Router Machine. Material of panels can be wood, paper, metal or plastic. In a few seconds you can draw completely the decorative partition wall. You only see These Dynamic Sketchup Models in 3dshouse plugin. Which help you save a lot of time when design the decorative cutting panels.

Main Feature:

  • The width, height, and thickness of the panel.
  • The width of the border frame. You can go to View -> Hidden Geometry to see the hidden lines of model.
  • The width, height, and spacing of the each pattern details.

These are the main parameters of CNC partition. Besides to each model, there will be extra features .

How to change pattern details of panels

(You can watch above video). Dynamic Sketchup only has programming features for Components or Groups, not for each line or the face of objects. So that, the model has fixed the detail design of each pattern. To change details:

  • Click on the small pattern until all details selected.
  • Change one and all patterns will change.

This is quite quick to get the design you want. You can even change it completely with a different pattern by retouching the pattern. This change does not affect the Dynamic feature of the model. You can save the model you have edited into many other templates for later use.

How to cut decorative panels with any shape.

(You can watch above video). The decorative panels in reality have many shapes. In this example we will cut the corner of the partition, other shapes you do the same.

  • First, draw the correct shape of the partition wall that you want with the outer frame.
  • Grouping the objects so that they don’t stick when stacked on cutting panels.
  • Scale the panel to match the actual size and set the parameters.
  • Click Clean Dynamic button to remove the Dynamic feature for manual editing.
  • Then explode to copy the plane of the partition wall for editing.
  • Creating new lines on panel according to the pattern shape.
  • Erasing excess faces and lines. It takes time, but this is still the most effective way.
  • Once done you push to create a thickness and make a group for the panel.

Using the Dynamic Sketchup models is a much faster way of drawing than the traditional way using 2D software like Autocad. Because with 2D software you cannot adjust the size of each pattern. Each time you have a new project with different dimensions you almost have to redraw all. Also, 2D software takes a long time to export the model to 3D format to Render. With the example illustrated in the video, you can customize any decorative cutting panel design you want.