How to make CNC MDF glass cabinet door in Sketchup

MDF doors Glass frame  to design  manufacture is very difficult in practice,  Instead of using 1 sheet with a thickness of 17mm for CNC cutting, the 3dhouse plugin uses 2 CNC cutting panels and then reassembles  will become easier (each panel has 9mm thickness)

Video tutorials

Step 1: Set model parameters

Use the 3dhuose plugin to load the MDF doors, adjust the parameters to suit your needs

  • Select the door in the plugin
  • Adjust door size to suit actual needs
  • Choose nteract dynamic components to open and close motion components
  • Clean dynamic button : Select 3dshouse plugin’s Clean Dynamic tool click model to remove the dynamic feature, weld the panels together. Clean Dynamic is required before manual fix
Various MDF glass frame in 3dhouse

Step 2: Nesting with the ABF plugin

Select all models using ABF plugin to output CNC drawings, notice that 2 plates woods 9mm thick sheets have been CNC cut, then the sheets will be assembled to produce the original sheet shape.

MDF door in glass 2 side CNC