How to draw full option Wardrobe fast in Sketchup 10 minutes

Draw a full Wardrobe (full option) fast and accurately in Sketchup in 10 minutes

Drawing a wardrobe full of accessories in sketchup is difficult and time consuming, but with the 3dhouse plugin you only need 10 minutes to do it.

User manual

    • You need to install the free plugin: 3dshouse dynamic sketchup
    • Load models directly from the plugin. The plugin has Vietnamese language. You go to Settings to set the language

Video tutorials

Step 1: Set model parameters

Use 3dhuose plugin to load components, edit parameters accordingly

  • Choose a wardrobe – then choose a vertical cabinet Adjust cabinet size to suit actual needs
  • Select the yin and yang mount bracket for the cabinet Select drawer for cabinet
  • Select the drawer frame for the cabinet
  • Select top door for cabinet
  • Select drawers for drawer frames in cabinets with continuous handles
  • Choose plate
  • Choose a clothes rack
  • Select mount accessories
  • Select the door for the main cabinet
  • Select interact dynamic component to open and close motion components
  • Select all models press the clean dynamic button
Full Wardrobe

Step 2:Clean dynamic button

Chọn mô hình click công cụ Clean Dynamic của plugin 3dshouse để xóa tính năng dynamic, hàn các tấm lại với nhau. Clean Dynamic là bắt buộc trước khi sửa thủ công.

Wardrobe after clean dynamic butoon

Step 3:Nesting with plugin ABF

Select all models using ABF plugin to export CNC drawings

Wardrobe after nesting with ABF plugin