How to draw drawers in sketchup fast and accuracy

Drawer drawers in Sketcup are very time consuming, especially when it is necessary to draw precisely to deploy a furniture production drawing. The fastest and most accurate way to draw drawers is to use Dynamic Sketchup. The 3dshouse Dynamic plugin already has a Dynamic drawer model library. It only takes a few seconds to set the parameters to draw the correct drawer.

Feature of drawers:

  • Scale captures precise points and automatically calculates drawer size.
  • Change the size of the drawert : height, depth, width
  • Adjust the number of drawers.
  • Clearance for sliding rails of drawer.
  • The bottom of the drawer has 3 options: The bottom covers the side boards, the bottom is inset the side boards, the bottom just fits the envelope into the front and back.
  • Adjust the drawer thickness and bottom position.
  • Adjust the height of the front board of drawers.
  • Adjusting the number of dividers inside the drawer, these compartments have a self-inserted yin and yang wood joint.

Features of drawer front doors:

  • Scale captures the exact point and automatically calculates the front door size.
  • Change the size of the front doors height, depth, width and thickness.
  • Adjust the number.
  • The gap of the door. Often used when the door is inset the cabinet.
  • Adjust the handle position.
  • Easy to replace the handle.