Fastes way to make Curved Interlocking Shelf Unit in Sketchup

The 3dhouse plugin Sketchup has much model to quickly draw half joints shelves. The model library already has 2-way draw half joints , just need to manually draw more curves to create curved shelves assembled with half joints shelves

Curved Interlocking Shelf

Video tutorial:

Step 1: Load half joints model

The model is highly customizable, you can adjust the model structure as you like. The purpose of this step is that you will have a standard size and structure to prepare for the next step to create a curve for the shelf. Adjustable parameters of the model

  • Resize height, width, depth
  • Change the depth of the mount, because the cut is curved, adjust the depth to 2/3 so that the curve does not cut through the mount.
  • Hide 4 outer borders 
  • Change board thickness 
  • Change the number of panels horizontally and vertically
Model parameters half joints Dynamic Sketchup

Step 2: Manually create curves

  • Select 3dshouse plugin’s
  • Clean Dynamic tool click model to remove the dynamic feature, weld the panels together. Clean Dynamic is required before manual fix.
  • Go to the mount bar group, use the divide command to divide the mount bar line into 4 parts. The purpose of creating a capture point.
  • Use the Arch line command to draw a curve  through 2 points, drag away the excess, do the same for the remaining bars
  • Erase excess faces and lines.
  • Copy similar groups
Hide out side board , clean Dynamic and draw curves

Step 3: Nesting with plugin ABF

Nesting with plugin Abf to export drawing CNC

Nesting Curved Interlocking Shelf with Abf plugin to export drawing CNC