How to use Abf plugin with 3dshouse Dynamic Sketchup

How to nest using Abf or Oneclick plugin with 3dshouse dynamic model is very simple, just select the model that needs nesting, Click Dynamic Option panel in 3dshouse plugin. This tool will clean files, delete hidden objects, process panels, delete dynamic feature. After running this tool, the sketchup file will no longer have dynamic features and you can edit it manually as usual.

sketchup smart dynamic component option

In fact, you only need 1 click and do not need to care too much, but explain clearly below for you to better understand the process. Also you can use this tool with the model you draw yourself.

Features and progress of the tool:

  • Delete unused objects (components, layers, materials).
  • Delete hidden objects.
  • Explode all Components leaving only Groups
  • Erase the edges in the middle of the plate, connecting the panels. (at this time, abf will receive cut, chamfered panels, etc…)
  • Remove dynamic feature (makes it easy to edit manually).

Note: All models need to use this tool before using Abf features (labeling, linking, nesting)