Preparing Sketchup file before using Abf plugin (Export to nesting tools)

Export to nesting tools in 3dshouse plugin will help you to process files before nesting with Abf plugin with just one click. This tool will clean files, delete hidden objects, process collages, and remove dynamics. After running this tool, the sketchup file will no longer have dynamic features and you can edit it manually as usual.

The tool will run for quite a few minutes because there are many actions performed below. In fact, you only need 1 click, do not care too much, but explain it below so you can better understand the process.

The tool’s progress:

  1. Delete unused objects (components, layers, materials).
  2. Delete hidden objects. (If not, then using abf will appear).
  3. Delete the edges between the sheets, connecting the sheets. (At this time, abf will receive cutters, bevels, etc.)
  4. Remove the dynamic feature (making editing easy by hand).


  • Save the new file before using this tool. In order not to lose the Dynamic design.
  • If you only need to use a tool for one object, open another sketchup file and copy the object to be processed to a new file to run this tool.