Interior wall cladding sketchup models auto change design

Wooden wall cladding on 3dshouse dynamic plugin is a very unique library of dynamic sketchup models that you will never see before and will surprise you with what dynamic sketchup can do. Wooden wall cladding models help you quickly create the wooden wall cladding design.

The sketchup dynamic wood paneling library helps you quickly choose and create decorative wall cladding designs, both for rendering and real-world construction. You can even resize each piece of wood, change the shape of the wood, square, rectangular, and hexagonal.

Main feature:

  • Keep the correct size when using scale tool.
  • Adjust the full width height or individual wood panels.
  • Adjust the clearance gap between the wooden panels.
  • Hide and adjust the back board thickness.

The models include wooden rails, rectangular and hexagonal wall cladding. In each model there are many parameters that automatically create many different designs. Each type includes wooden cladding of the same thickness-color and random. The tool will change the design of random patterns. You can click multiple times to get the desired design.

How to change the material

  • First you need to load the material into the sketchup file you are drawing.
  • Open the material panel to copy the name of the material and paste it into the component options panel.

Also you can change the wall surface with other materials such as brick, stone, metal … You just need to do the same to copy the material to the component options panel.

The way to quickly understand the parameters is that you try and see the changes in the model. The model is stored in the server so you can change it freely to understand each parameter without fear of damage to the model. If it is not as desired, you can open another file to reload the model. Also, after clicking the Clean Dynamic button, it will automatically delete all dynamic features of the selected model, now you can manually edit it if you want.