Abf : Best Free CNC Furniture Manufacturing Sketchup Plugin

ABF is a free Sketchup plugin that helps the process of exporting CNC cutting files in furniture production quickly, reducing material and labor costs. The ultimate goal of ABF is to export DXF file with many layers, then DXF file is imported into specialized CNC machining software such as Aspire, Mastercam to set milling bits.

Abf Sketchup
Abf Sketchup

General information:

Main feature:

  • Create hinge bore holes, screws.
  • Create sliding door grooves, backboard grooves.
  • Nesting arranges the board on the workpiece.
  • Assign edge banding
  • Export label printing
  • Export DXF files before turning to specialized CNC software

Review the ABF plugin

ABF is the most complete and fully featured Sketchup Plugin for exporting CNC cutting files from Sketchup. In addition to ABF, there is the Opencutlist plugin, which also features statistics and nesting boards, but it lacks important features such as creating holes, binding screws, sticking labels, etc.