Image to vector permanent for company

Image to vector permanent for company

45$ per member

Number of Seats:

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Products for companies that buy 2 or more accounts for easy management. After payment, just add the company employee's email, that employee can use the pro feature of the product. Later, if an employee leaves, you just need to delete and replace the new employee's email.

Add member to team:

  • Order and payment, the same settings as the personal account.
  • After payment you become a team manager.
  • The team manager can add and delete members.
  • Team members are automatically unlock Pro Models.
my account team 3dshouse
My Account-Team to set up team.
team members 3dshouse
Team management ->Add Member
team add member 3dshouse
Enter member email.
  • Note : Added member has receive a email and member need click accept to join team.
Team manager roles:
  • Add, remove members.
  • Payment management, extension.
  • Change the team name.
  • Buy more accounts.
team setting 3dshouse
Team-Team Setting để change Team name or  Add Seats to purchase more accounts.