Dyanmic Components Sketchup Course


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Course Content

The begin lessons are free, you can try starting to learn the basics and see if the course is right for you. From the 8th post the content is restricted to members who purchase the course.


Does the video have sound ?

The video has no sound because it is very intuitive. In addition, there is a text section explaining how to do it, and and effective modeling tips.

Does the course have term?

The course is for 1 year, which means you will no longer be able to access the course after 1 year.

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Can the videos in the course be downloaded?

Video in the course cannot be downloaded. This is the onine course you need to be connected to the internet to learn.

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Will you share the account to learn?

Each account is only for 1 user, and can be used on many different devices such as computers, phones. When the same account accesses at the same time 2 different locations, only activate with the latest access.

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Steps to order:

  • Clicking the "Add to Cart" button will lead to the checkout page
  • In the checkout page you log in with facebook or google.
  • Make online payments and you can view all the lessons.
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